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Powerful, non-lagging indicator that reveals high probability, low risk trades

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Reveal trading zones smart money may be focused on that most retail traders don't know about.

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Identify The Best Zones Effortlessly

Unique JDM Zone Score System

The only indicator that offer a score on each zone to take any guesswork out of the equation. Each zone is rated with a score based on our own algorithm that rates a supply or demand zone based on various criteria.

Refinement and control

Granular control to refine your results

Provides granular controls to further refine your zone creation and tailor it to the traded product and time frame.

Automated Trading

Optional automated system to allow invaluable back testing and automated trade placement

Control risk management automatically with a variety of trading modes including fixed take profit, trailing zone stop, incremental, EMA trailing and more

Powerful strategy

Market Structure Zone Breakout

Provides key zones where the price breaks through market structure, controlled by prior candle highs/lows

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Trade with Confidence

Master the Market with Proven Trading Techniques

Our indicator is unlike any other on the market and provides precise zones with no lagging signals!

Dynamic zone formation

Explosive move and basing candle controls

Filters to eliminate false positive zones

Zone labels display vol, risk amount and formation date

Market Highest High/Lowest Low Line

Zone invalidation either 50% or high/low touch of zone

Max # Touches Zone Control

Works in all time frames and markets

Find quality zones banks and institutions may be trading.​

Our indicator is unlike any other on the market and provides quality zones to trade with no lagging signals!

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