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Reveal trading areas smart money is focused on using our unique supply and demand zone scoring system.

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Master the Market with Proven Trading Techniques

Our indicator is unlike any other on the market and provides precise zones with no lagging signals!

Dynamic zone formation to expand zone around additional basing candles

Require highest/high, lowest low breakout to form zones

Filters to reduce less quality zones

Zone Score System to help you determine which zone is best

Market Highest High/Lowest Low Line

Zone invalidation or touch of zone

Aggressive mode for finding zones based on explosive factor

Works in all time frames and markets

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ZoneVue Pro Licensing Options​

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Free updates during license term
  • $100 per additional computer
  • Requires existing ZoneVue License

Key Features List for ZoneVue Pro


• Zone Scoring System
• Dynamic zone formation
• Proprietary algorithms for detecting quality zones
• Aggressive mode to find additional zones
• Explosive factor (basing to explosive ratio) control
• Zone labels display vol, risk amount and formation date
• Market Highest High/Lowest Low Line
• Hides invalidated zones and reduced opacity on touch
• Custom market hours
• Works in all time frames
• Identify Fresh / Violated Supply Demand Zones
• Only display zones formed on prior days for added focus
• Restrict zone formation to lowest low/highest high breakouts

Indicator Version History
Version 3.3.7 - 2-16-2024

New Features
-JDM Alerts
Introduction of a new product, 
fully integrated with ZoneVue Pro.
JDM Alerts offers real time
notifications of
-New zones that form. -When price touches a zone for the first time -Max touches to a zone -When zone is invalidated -Price spikes to react quickly to changes in the market and avoid missing out -Price crossing over a drawn horizontal line -Real time alerts sent to your phone and/or desktop by text, WhatsApp, Telegram, Email, Discord and more! Improvements Improvements in zone detection Enhanced algorithm for better zone detection and elimination of false zones. Filters Improved zone filters including trend filter Speed and efficiency Improved the overall speed of loading zones and efficiency including system utilization Licensing system A complete overhaul of the licensing system in place, allowing for automated upgrades of your products Ability to change your machine ID easily online
Bug Fixes
-Resolve issue in limited circumstances where a drawn zone would not refresh to reflect its invalidated status after price went through the zone. Ver 3.2.1 Resolved some minor bugs
Ver 3.2 Resolved issue with strategy not placing trades in limited circumstances Ver 3.1 Vastly improved efficiency with major logic restructuring and optimization Ver 2.2.1 Improved zone detection Improved zone score system Added aggressive mode with adjustable explosive factor Ver 1.7.8 Fixed opening/closing range bug Ver 1.7.7 Optimized zone score system Ver 1.7.6 Added individual zone hiding controls Ver 1.7.5 Added Top Navigation Menu Adjusted zone score Added new filters Added zone color, font size and color settings Bug fixes Ver 1.7.4 Bug Fixes Ver 1.7.3 Added new zone filters Ver 1.7.2 Adjusted filters
Strategy Version History

Ver 3.3.0

-New Scalp Mode
-EMA Trailing Stop

Ver 3.2.1

Ver 3.2

Resolved issue with strategy not placing trades in limited circumstances

Added display of unrealized and realized gains panel on chart

Ver 3.1

Vastly improved efficiency with major logic restructuring and optimization

Ver 2.1.4

Fixed issue with strategy analyzer running properly with certain settings

Ver 2.1.3

Vast efficiency improvements throughout indicator

Improved zone detection

Improved zone score system

Converted to run properly on either oneachtick or onbarclose mode

Added aggressive mode with adjustable explosive factor

Ver 1.7.8

Fixed opening/closing range bug

Ver 1.7.7

Optimized zone score system

Ver 1.7.6

Added individual zone hiding controls

Ver 1.7.5

Added Top Navigation Menu

Added new filters

Bug fixes

Ver 1.7.4

Minor Bug Fixes

Ver 1.7.3

Added new zone filters

Ver 1.7.2

Resolved minor issue with order padding placement

Key Features of the ZoneVue Pro Trading Indicator

We offer trading tools that provide quality and precise signals. We don’t believe in lagging indicators and promote a winning strategy called supply and demand. Supply and Demand trading is used by many professionals around the world and is the winning strategy behind the success of The Online Trading Academy. 
Identify The Best Zones

Unique JDM Zone Score System

The only indicator that offer a score on each zone to take any guesswork out of the equation. Each zone is rated with a score based on our own algorithm that rates a supply or demand zone based on various criteria.

Refinement and control

Granular control to refine your results

Provides a variety of granular controls to further refine your zone creation and tailor it to the traded product and time frame.

Automated Trading ALGO

Automation for 100% disciplined, zero emotion trading

Provides nearest supply and demand zone for use with your own custom strategy

winning strategy

Opening Range Zone Breakout

Provides key zones where the opening range is broken through and a zone is formed.

Screenshot 2023-06-03 092830

Why Should You Trade with Supply & Demand?

  • Identify HIGH Probability Supply & Demand Zones
  • Subjective Analysis Based on Higher Timeframe
  • Pinpoint quality entry areas
  • Timely Alert System for potential Trade Opportunity

Find quality areas of supply and demand institutions may be trading.

Trade with Confidence!
Most market players rely heavily on mathematical indicators to guide their trading decisions, a practice that often leads to financial loss. The reason? Such formulaic indicators always trail behind the actual price. While tools like RSI, MACD, and Stochastic are used to try and keep pace with price changes, they continually fall short due to their inherent latency.
Our indicator deviates from formulaic methodologies, operating instead on the way the market works. Supply and demand, looking for areas where pending orders may be waiting from banks and institutions.
Pitfalls of Lagging Indicators
The digital landscape offers an array of technical indicators, but it’s crucial to recognize that many of these tools can lead traders astray. Traditional indicators lag and frequently provide misleading signals. If you have found most other indicators to result in failure or inconsistent results, look no further than ZoneVue Pro.
We’ve been there, squandering both time and resources on such ineffective tools before finding a better way.
That’s why we developed our unique solution— ZoneVue Pro Supply & Demand Indicator
Limitations of Typical Indicators
Rather than depending on a specific mathematical condition to generate a signal like traditional tools, our indicator uses Price Action. It takes into account whether demand is exceeding supply, or vice versa.
The Relative Strength Index (RSI) usually generates a BUY signal when the RSI value dips below 30, indicating an oversold market. However, a more accurate buy signal should occur at the demand zone because the price will remain oversold until demand escalates. Ignoring this can result in suboptimal risk management, increasing the probability of loss.
The Origin of Our Indicator
Our indicator has been coded by integrating the trading strategies of supply and demand as outlined by top professionals.
We built our indicator to look for areas to trade based on sound supply and demand principles as promoted by companies such as The Online Trading Academy and others. 
Our indicator has an advanced algorithm that filters our zones that should not be shown, keeping you focused, while giving you tremendous control over what zones can be shown if you desire to see more.
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Frequently asked questions

Will I receive support and guidance on setting up this indicator?

Yes, we offer support for our customers including finding the optimal settings for various popular trading instruments such as the ES, NQ, Crude Oil futures products.

Does your software come with a help guides and training?

Yes. We provide detailed software documentation, videos and other guides.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, payments can be made securely, using any major credit or debit card.

Are there any fees for indicator updates?

Yes, for the annual plan. If you purchase an annual plan, you will receive updates based on the term you select at no cost. After your term ends, you will need to purchase another license to continue to be able to access the indicator and receive updates. The lifetime license includes a lifetime license and free updates forever!

What type of support do you provide?

We offer limited support via email for annual licenses and phone, priority email or live chat support for lifetime license customers.

To utilize your custom software what platform(s) can i use?

At this time, we only offer our software for use on the NinjaTrader 8 platform.

How do I install your software into my NinjaTrader Platform?

To install is very easy. You will receive a zip file containing the indicator or indicator and strategy. In NinjaTrader, you will go to your tools menu, then import, then NinjaScript add-on and select the zip file provided. Once its installed, you go to your indicator or strategy selection screen and search for ZoneVue Pro.

Can I use the software on more than one market?

Absolutely, our custom software can be used on any markets, and any time-frame!

How long can I use the software?

Depending on your license, you may use it as long as the license term you purchased. If you purchased the lifetime license, you can use the indicator forever as well as receive updates forever.